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Abdul Raheem Baloch

Abdul Raheem Baloch is the popular name of Balochi Classic and Folk Music. Here is a short Biography of Abdul.

Who is Abdul Raheem Baloch?

Abdul Raheem Baloch ( عبدالرحیم ) is a Pakistani Balochi folk singer-songwriter and Music Artist from Jaffarabad Balochistan. He is famous for his Balochi song ” Haani “. He is also known as Raheem Baloch.

As a Balochi Musician, He writes song lyrics, produces vocals, and composes songs.

Music Albums

Abdul wrote lyrics for popular Balochi songs “Kamo Kamo Habar” and “Pur ken de Glassa”. He became popular with his title song ” Haani “. The song “Haani” hits records of popularity.
He is promoting the Traditional Music of Balochistan.


Abdul Raheem was born at Jafarabad, Balochistan, Pakistan in 1995. He started singing in 2017 and has no formal music education. He used to upload his songs on YouTube and social media before he was discovered by Radio Pakistan. His music became popular nationwide when his song Haani was first aired live on National Radio.

He has been featured in national newspapers for his lyrics. He performed live at the “Baloch Culture Day” event 2020 in Quetta. Abdul’s new Album ” Haani Sheh Mureed ” expected to release at the end of 2021.

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